Healing is a process whereby energy flows through the healer to the recipient. Irrespective of the nature of the problem, emotional, physical or psychological, it relaxes the mind and body, opens blockages, increases energy flow, enhances the immune system and helps to create the conditions for self-healing. Healing reduces stress and promotes a sense of peace and well-being. It encourages strength and balance at all levels providing opportunities for growth and change. Being a gentle, non-contact technique, natural energy healing is open to everyone.

Breathing Techniques
Most people are upper‐chest shallow breathers. Breathing using the muscles at the top of the chest can make you anxious and produce adrenalin via the stress response. However, when you use the abdominal muscles to breathe, it promotes the relaxation response making you feel calm. Since breathing is normally an automatic function of the body, it is necessary to practice the technique so that, when the need arises eg stress, upset, pain, it can be more readily put to use in any situation.

Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation is the complete release of stress and strain both mentally and physically. Learning to calm the mind is very important to reduce stress. A powerful way of stilling mind and body is through the relaxation technique. It causes physiological and psychological changes in the body which result in the relaxation response leading to the production of endorphins (‘feel­‐good factors’) within the body. The relaxation technique produces a greater medical advantage in decreasing muscular tension, blood pressure, heart and breathing rates than is seen in ‘ordinary’ relaxation activities such as a cat-nap or a hobby. Taking control of the mind over the body brings stillness, peace and empowerment.

Energy Techniques
Exercises in simple guided visualisations are very useful in releasing energy blockages in mind, body or spirit. Combined with breath control, the energy techniques offer powerful ‘tools’ with which to cleanse and refresh the aura and chakras increasing the potential for deep inner healing.

Chakric Techniques
The disciplines practiced in relaxation and visualisation can be used to become aware of the chakras – the energy centres within the body. Chakras are often blocked through stress both emotional and physical or through holding on to old issues in an unhealthy way. As a result, there is diminished flow of our vital life-enhancing energy and we can sometimes feel low in self-esteem and confidence, lacking in motivation and vitality. Knowledge of relaxation, visualisation and chakric techniques helps overall healing and provides the foundation for meditation and self-unfoldment.

Meditation is a state of being where mind and body are still and focussed. Through mindfulness and concentration, thoughts no longer become a distraction but simply pass through the mind without attachment. Along with relaxation, visualisation and chakric techniques, meditation helps to access the Higher Self and the awareness of spirituality. This leads to peace, calm and the ability to listen, all of which are important in the self-healing process.

Healing and the associated techniques help provide strategies for dealing in a positive way with the stresses and strains of everyday life.