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The Need for Healing

Stress: A state of tension or distress caused by a mentally or emotionally disruptive or disquieting influence

For most of us, the challenges of life, juggling family, home and work commitments, are both demanding and stressful. Stress can also arise as a result of holding on to old unresolved issues which cause blockages of the energy flow within the mind, body and spirit. The effects of stress can include irritability, mood swings, the inability to think straight, tiredness, decreased motivation and vitality and a feeling of dis‐ease which can result in illness. In order to deal with stress, positive healing techniques are necessary.

My Approach

Before each healing session, I put time aside to perceive and ‘see’ the condition of the aura (the energy field around the body) and the chakras (the energy centres within the body). This allows me to gain insight into issues and blockages held at the physical, emotional and/or spiritual levels which may relate to recent or past events. With this information, I am able to plan a session of healing and tuition in relevant techniques with the aim of achieving a greater awareness of peace, calm and well-being in mind, body and spirit.